Doctor Carly

Doctor Carly practises a health global approach called holistic medicine. He considers the person as a whole. This kind of medicine is based on three pillars.

The first one considers each patient as unique.

It follows that it is unreasonable to treat identically patients with a same pathology. We are all distinct indeed on the physiological, biochemical, genetic and metabolic point of view so that the care has to be personalized: this is the second pilar.

It is primordial to establish the causality because the lavish care will depend on the origin of the imbalance. A thorough treatment will always be sought, this mean a treatment which allows a ground modification in order to remain healthy avoiding frequent relapses.

The third pillar is the determining psycho emotional aspect in the genesis of diseases or in their cures. Deny this evidence, is to show a profound misunderstanding of the mankind.