Information and appointment

Secretariat schedule

Schedule and practice location

Consultations schedule: avenue Brunard, 52 – 6220 FLEURUS

Consultations schedule: rue Vandervelde, 19 – 6534 GOZEE

Consultations Schedule : avenue Louise, 284 – 1050 BRUXELLES


Questionnaires to be completed before the consultations

Before the first consultation, you will receive a questionnaire on your initial condition to be completed and returned as soon as possible, before your appointment so we can include it in your medical record.

QUESTIONNAIRE all hormone diet environment English

Would you have the kindness to send it rather by e-mail : secretariat or by post: Dr. Carly, avenue Brunard, 52 – 6220 Fleurus – Belgium

Before any consultation, may we ask you to complete the follow-up questionnaire and send it back rather by e-mail. It will then be linked to your computerized medical record. If it is not possible, you need to take it for the consultation.


Thank you kindly to complete it so that way we will be able to assess better improvements in relationship with your treatment and refine it.

Time intervals between consultations

ConsultationThe second consultation will take place with a delay of 3 weeks to 1 month, time required to obtain the results of blood and urine tests.

Then the third consultation will be scheduled within 3 to 4 months. Thereafter the frequency of consultations is about twice a year.