The NutriScreen is an analysis of the molecules status depending on the way we are eating. Those latter, in excess or deficiency are associated with poor health (abnormal fatigue, mood disorders, sleep disorders, …) and an increased risk of diseases called “civilization diseases” like cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson, …), type 1 and 2 diabetes, inflammation …

The results of this NutriScreen will be helpful to correct your diet and I will advise you to take food supplements if necessary.

Nutriscreen for who ?

The NutriScreen is proposed to patients who attach value to their health. Children, adolescents, adults, seniors, … You will get information and answers to your questions.

An optimal balance emphasizes good nutrition to continue. Depending on anomalies I would encourage you to take some food hygiene measures and make physical exercises. These are needed to reduce the risks of diseases called “civilization diseases” but also to recover optimal health.

Nutriscreen why ?

Because health is precious and nowadays it is proven that diet plays a  crucial role. Many studies have now confirmed the importance of an optimal nutrition for a healthy aging combining physical and mental strength preserved.